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Custom Clothing Pattern Service Introduction
I. Service Features
Our custom clothing pattern service focuses on fulfilling the personalized needs of every customer. You don't need to order in large quantities, as we can produce just one piece with your unique design. We promise to complete your order within 2-3 working days after receiving your high-resolution pattern.

II. Customization Process
Pattern Submission: Customers can provide the required high-resolution pattern through our online platform or via email. Please ensure the pattern has a high resolution for clear printing results.
Pattern Review: Our professional team will review the submitted pattern to ensure it does not violate any laws or regulations and is suitable for printing on clothing.
Production Preparation: Approved patterns will enter the production stage. We will select appropriate printing techniques and clothing materials based on the size and complexity of the pattern.
Pattern Printing: Using advanced printing technology, we will precisely print the pattern on the selected clothing. We strictly control the printing quality to ensure each product meets the customer's expectations.
Quality Inspection: After printing, each product will undergo strict quality inspection to ensure the pattern is accurate, printing is clear, and the clothing is flawless.
Packaging and Shipment: We will deliver the customized clothing to the customer through safe and reliable logistics channels. We provide tracking services to ensure customers can keep track of their order status.
III. Notes
Pattern Requirements: Please ensure the provided pattern is high-resolution, watermark-free, and an original work or one with authorized copyright.
Material Selection: Different clothing materials affect the printing effect. Please communicate with our customer service team before placing an order to select suitable clothing materials.
Color Matching: Due to differences in printing processes and displays, the actual printed color may slightly differ from the color of the provided pattern. If you have specific color requirements, please inform us in advance.
Order Modification: Once an order enters the production stage, it cannot be modified. If there are any changes, please contact us before placing the order.
IV. After-sales Service
We provide comprehensive after-sales service. If you encounter any issues or need assistance after receiving your customized clothing, please feel free to contact us. We will sincerely answer your questions, resolve issues, and ensure your shopping experience is pleasant and satisfactory.
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